It is a model that adopts a big-sized guide holder for bishima (bobbin) threads for professional fishers (PRO).

Responding to the hot desires of professional, the use of a bishima (bobbin) thread became possible by adoption of a big-sized guide holder. In addition, it can pass through Uki (float) stopping thread in Uki (float) flowing fishing, and thread winding setting is unnecessary by displaying the rotation number.
Guide for bishima (bobbin) thread correspondence
Uki (float) stop and the thread knots can be passed through.

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Target fish (Target fishing)

●●Oki Mebaru (darkbanded rock fish) fishing in Hokkaido/Tohoku District
●Osaba (large mackerel) fishing in Tokyo bay mouth/Sotobo
●Mejiro (middle-sized Japanese amber jack) fishing offshore Mutoro
●Renkodai (yellow back sea bream (Dentex tumifrons)/Oki Mebaru (offshore darkbanded rock fish) fishing in the Sanin district
●Bishima (bobbin) thread fishing off Okinoshima

Part numberCX-4 PRO
Power supplyDC-12VDC-24V
JAN (Japan Article Number) code (last 5 digits)0227202302
Line winding volume
NEW Deep sensor
(When winding down adapter is used)
PE LINE #5-1,200(600)m
PE LINE #6-1,000(500)m
PE LINE #8-800(350)m
PE LINE #10-600(250)m
PE LINE #12-500(200)m
PE LINE #15-300(150)m
Maximum load of omission#250#350
Drag tolerance20kg-28.8kg
Instant maximum hoisting force25kg35kg
Sustained winding up force13kg20kg
Maximum hoisting speed/when without load110M/min170M/min
Manual winding gear ratio1:3
Power consumption2.2~16A0.8A-13A
Operating temperature-10℃-80℃
Backlash prevention methodSound brake
Ball bearing7 pieces
Reel self-weight1.8kg
Electronic controlStop at the bulwarks、Depth memory
Slow start・Slow stop
Stemless speed change(Pause/Minimum speed-Maximum speed)
Safety mechanism+/- Reverse connection prevention、Overload stop control
Battery voltage drop detection、Over-voltage detection
AccessoriesPower cord, Cord for series connection (24V only)
Reel size (W×H×D mm)175×100×155mm
Manufacturer's list price of the bodyYen 80,000.-Yen 96,000.-

* The price indicates the manufacturer's list price only but does not include consumption tax.
* This specification may be changed for improvement without notice.

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