A dedicated electric reel has appeared that also responds to the home of Izu red bream fishing!

A large electric reel "Command Z - 15 (24 V)" which is highly evaluated not only by the deep sea and big - game fishing users, but also by professional red bream fishermen. It is a command "Z - 15 RED BREAM SPECIAL (24 V)" which matched the characteristics of drag so that it can respond to red bream fishing of the authentic Izu while taking over its basic performance. Specifically, by reconsidering the newly developed "carbon cloth made drag lining" and the composition of the drag, we raised MAX drag power from free, and also adopted the high power motor, the hoisting power has been upgraded. And "Fighting mode" which can draw out the power of the motor to the limit has also installed. "Stainless steel" reduction gear has also incorporated to increase durability. It is a specification that you can use with confidence in red bream fishing that requires drag strength and power. (It is not suitable for fishing and targets that place emphasis on sliding performance and smoothness due to specifications that emphasize drag resistance)

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Target fish (Target fishing)

●Izu · Niijima · Kouzushima's red bream and Pacific ocean perch fishing
●Beniakou bream (rockfish) fishing in Chiba exocoel (Sotobou)

ItemCZ-15 KINME Special
Power SourceDC-24V
Product Code04269
Line CapacityWhen use NEW DEEP SENSOR(PE) PE Line #15-1,200m
PE Line #20-1,000m
PE Line #30-700m
Drag Capacity40kg-110kg
MAX.Drag Winding Power115kg
MAX.Drag Winding Speed (No load)120m/min.
Reel size (W×H×D mm)260×150×220mm
List PriceYen 410,000.-

ItemGuard arm for CZ-15 RED BREAM Special
Product Code70561
List PriceContact us for pricing

* This specification may be changed for improvement without notice.

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